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Diplomatic Decisions

Book 4 in Diplomat’s Apprentice - an Exciting New Space Opera

Released May 1st, 2024

A thrilling space adventure with danger lurking in every corner!

Anwyn Owens, a starship pilot for the Malcolm Star Circus, seeks a new venue for their performances. The massive space station carved out of an asteroid seems like the perfect opportunity.

Her politically prominent uncle entrusts her with a message for the station's owner, while a team of operatives she's encountered before has their own agenda.

Anwyn must navigate these challenges while considering her future and a second chance to join the team.

An old enemy, still bitter from his previous defeat, sees her presence as an opportunity for revenge. With the help of friends in both high and low places, Anwyn must confront this danger head-on.

Anwyn realizes she has something to prove, not just to her friends, but to herself. Can she rise to the challenge and emerge victorious?

Will Anwyn's skills and allies be enough to overcome the obstacles in her path, or will her enemy's revenge plot spell disaster for the circus and its future?

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Trading in Royalty

Book 1 of Star Trader Independence - a new thrilling space opera series

Releasing June 17th, 2024

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In a universe where Independence means corporate servitude, Rayne Nielson has a problem.

The only link she has to her late father is the battle-damaged star freighter, Independence. Not ready to surrender his prized ship to the scrapyard, Rayne goes into debt to Interstellar Trading Corp (ITC), the largest interstellar shipping company in both the Federation and beyond. Now, each load she carries earns ITC more money than it pays off debt. Will she and her rag-tag crew ever get to live by their own rules, or will they be ITC wage slaves forever?

Valen Sitara is a mercenary captain, but also a member of the royal family of the planet Sitara.

Members of his family are being threatened and outright killed. He needs to get home to find out who’s behind this and stop them. But that same mysterious someone has managed to have a false warrant issued for Valen as a pirate and murderer. Valen is ready to pay a small fortune to evade the Federation police so he can get home and eliminate the threat.

Rayne has a ship. Valen has cash. But with station authorities, the Federation navy, and a strange ITC courier ship all trying to stop them, is Rayne ready to lay it all on the line to help a stranger in need and get a taste of the freedom she craves?

In order to get to Sitara, they will have to outrun Federation warships, avoid the ITC, and cope with aliens, both friendly and not. And, once they arrive, the battle won’t be over until the enemy is exposed and Valen’s family is safe.

If you enjoy action & adventure, found family that includes quirky aliens, and occasional humor, get set to enjoy the wild ride as the Independence makes the run to Sitara.

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Valen’s Run

Prequel Novella to Star Trader Independence - a new thrilling space opera series

Released March 20th, 2024

Valen needs to get to his home planet to avert a crisis and save family members. But how did this come about? How does a mercenary ship captain manage to find himself on the run? And how does he arrive at the Star Trader Independence? Learn about his adventure and meet his friend the alien Shargrel and the resourceful street kid, Dee. Valen's Run is the action-packed prequel to Trading in Royalty.

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Diplomat’s Apprentice Series

Book cover for sci-fi novel Diplomat's Apprentice by LJ Dix - book one in the Diplomat's Apprentice space opera series. The book cover features Anwyn Owens fleeing from danger on a hover bike.

Diplomat's Apprentice: Book One

The best laid plans . . . Fall apart when family gets involved!

Space battles, daring rescues, dramatic chases, firefights and yes, even a bit of diplomacy, all make for a more exciting debut in an exciting new space opera series.

Book cover for science fiction novel Pilot's Apprentice by LJ Dix - book two in the space opera series Diplomat's Apprentice. The book cover features Anwyn Owens on a ship in outer space.

Pilot's Apprentice

Diplomat's Apprentice: Book Two

Join the circus, see the galaxy. . . to Anwyn this sounded like a great adventure!

But it might be more of an adventure than Anwyn expected.

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Pilot's Quest

Diplomat's Apprentice: Book Three

Replacing a damaged engine part for the circus starship will lead Anwyn and Jemal into danger. Pirates, dangerous adversaries, and, of course, the special agents who have become part of Anwyn’s life, all get involved.

Will Anwyn and Jemal make it back with the replacement part, or become victims of a brewing planetary revolution?

Book 4

Diplomatic Decisons

Diplomat's Apprentice: Book Four

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Old Age and Treachery

The book cover for sci-fi short story Old Age and Treachery by LJ Dix. The cover features a spaceship flying through outer space on an epic science fiction adventure.

Old Age and Treachery

An Exciting Space Adventure by LJ DIX

Rifka has been running freight convoys through space for decades. The company, and some of her crew, believe it might be time for her to retire.

But when pirates attack, Rifka and a ship on its last flight before being decommissioned might be the only thing standing between the fleet and destruction.

The pirates, and Rifka's crew, are about to learn discover a lesson about Old Age and Treachery!

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Why There Are Cats on Starships

Why There are Cats on Starships

A Heart-Warming Sci-Fi Short Story

Since the earliest days of sailing ships, cats have been constant companions on our journeys, working members of crews that crossed the seas. That didn’t change when we went from sailing the seas to soaring between the stars!

But how did our feline friends first take on their star-faring role? What events led to cats being an integral part of every starship crew? The legend of the first starship’s cat is a story passed from one generation of spacer to the next for hundreds of years . . . and now it is yours to learn as well!

Book cover for sicence fiction short story Why There are Cats on Starships by sci-fi author LJ Dix. The book cover features a cat looking out of a window on a spaceship as it travels through outer space.
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An illustrated representation of science fiction author LJ Dix sitting at a computer on a spaceship as it navigates past alien worlds while her adorable space cat rests on the back of her chair.

LJ Dix is an emerging author of sci-fi adventures. She is an enthusiastic reader across multiple genres and a lifelong storyteller, frequently inventing tales for her children and grandchildren. Many of her current writing projects evolved from those tales.

When not writing, she can be found working in finance, studying global supply chains, spending time hiking and kayaking in beautiful Washington State, or working out and teaching Tae Kwon Do where she holds a fifth-degree black belt.

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